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Mid-century Modern and Scandinavian design have long been reigning supreme. While I am very much in admiration of both, I have always been a true lover of Art Deco, and am delighted that it is resurfacing once again. Given that design trends tend to have a 30 year life cycle, it is not surprising it is making its comeback. Now I am not suggesting that we repeat the interior fashions of the 1980s, however, it is historical influences that dictate future trends.

Art Deco is defined by its rich, bold colors and strong geometric shapes, and always exudes an element of glamour and luxury. Lacquer, mirrors, and exotic woods also defined this era. Appearances of Art Deco began early this decade in the entertainment industry with films such as Midnight in Paris and The Great Gatsby (I was soooo into both). Aside from wanting every single article of clothing worn by Daisy Buchanan, I was blown away by the exquisite interiors. And, of course, the exuberant party scenes, because who wouldn't want to party at Gatsby's, even just once?

[set from The Great Gatsby]

[set from The Great Gatsby]

And let us not forget Downton Abbey, which not only has taken the number one spot for my all time favo(u)rite television show, but transitioned us into the 1920s and the idea of modern day dress. Remember when Lady Mary cut off all her hair into a bob? Truly shocking!

[scene from Downtown Abbey]

I just adore these over the top feather headpieces!

[scene from Downtown Abbey]

Present day interiors that master the Art Deco vibe...

Below, a Manhattan apartment by decorator Ernest de la Torre featured in Architectural Digest. I love the use of color and proportion in this living room. The color palette is carried over into the master bedroom. Note the two-tone nightstand with white lacquered front drawers. I will almost always say yes to two-tone and lacquer! The closet, well that's just about every girl's dream.

[images via Architectural Digest]

Kelly Wearstler. She does it oh so well! There are really no words that can do her justice. She incorporates such thoughtful details into her designs. Those sconces on either side of the bar are just gorgeous. The two-story library with spiral staircase is very Gatsby-esq, and the gilding and pattern work on the railing are exquisite.

[images via Kelly Wearstler]

If going this bold is too far out of your comfort zone, try bringing in an element of Art Deco with a few special or unique pieces. It can be some lighting with a glamorous feeling, a wallpaper with an Art Deco pattern done in neutral colors, or a statement piece of furniture with a lacquered finish. Subtle references rather than a full on replication of the 1920s will feel far more fresh and timeless.

From top left: Art Deco Midnight |Revenge Chairs| Ardmore Narina | Echo Porcelain Wall Sconce | Duke Bar | Walnut Sitting Bench | Deco Fan Rug | Dominique Ceiling Fixture | Swirl Switch Plate

A few more interiors to inspire....

[image via House Beautiful]

[image via My Domaine]

[Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects, image via Apartment Therapy]

I would love to hear your thoughts on Art Deco. Comment below!


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