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This time of year there are, without exception, a few must visit spots in Manhattan. Among them are the amazing window displays at Bergdorf's (a blog post for another day), and Henri Bendel on 5th Avenue. Bendel's is a go-to for fashionistas and girly-girls alike. Their handbags and accessories are always on point. But what I particularly love is the variety of options for great hostess gifts and stocking stuffer items. My favorite being their selection of signature candles. There are so many from which to choose! They are also made from soy-based wax which means clean burning - no toxins or carcinogens, and they burn longer.

[image via Hendri Bendel]

Scent is such a personal thing, as smell has the strongest connection to memory of all the five senses. So if this is a hostess gift, make sure you know your hostess well (or sneak a text to her significant other for some input). My signature scent the last few years has been Coconut Flower. Anyone who knows me is well acquainted with my obsession with all things coconut. As a young teen, I once used literally half a bottle of coconut scented shampoo in the shower so I could spent the entire day smelling hair. (Yes, I know that is weird!) Coconut Flower instantly brings me to warm summer days lounging on the beach in a bikini, drink in hand, with a soft ocean breeze in my face and the sound of crashing waves in the background. OK, so I am a mom now, and those days no longer exist for me. I doubt I will ever wear a bikini again, and beach time = making sure Lucas doesn't eat sand. So I'm thinking this year I will switch it up.

Now I'm all about promoting stress relief and relaxation. My new scent will be Lavender Leaves. I've been really into lavender these days as it reminds me of a spa. What could be more relaxing than a day at the spa? So I've decided to bring that feeling home!

[Lavender Leaves]

Complete the gift with a wick trimmer. It is best to trim your wick 1/4" before each use. It will keep black smoke from making its way on to your ceiling and other surrounding surfaces. These colorful matchsticks in the sleek gold box are also a great addition.

[wick trimmer] [matchbox set]

Other great gift and stocking stuffer items include these fun ornaments. I love this cheeky take on the nutcracker doll.

[Nutcracker Doll Ornament] [LOL Ornament]

Warm weather accessories are a must this time of year, and one should never have to compromise on style for practicality. I adore this pompon cashmere hat, and the fingerless gloves are great for a mom on the go. The mixed materials make these gloves oh so chic, and the blush color, fresh and feminine!

[Blake Cashmere Brim Hat] [Iconic Fingerless Gloves]

For the friend who is an ardent traveler, go with a classic jewelry travel case. This one comes in some fabulous colors, and has the signature brown and white stripe on the inside fabric. Another option, and an absolute staple for me when traveling, shoe dust bags. The thought of throwing my shoes in my suitcase sans bag with all of the dirt on the soles getting all over my cloths just does not sit well with me. I always put each pair of shoes in their own bag before loading into my suitcase. This dust bag set is especially nice because the size of the bags vary to accommodate a variety of shoe styles.

[Travel Jewelry Case] [Shoes Dust Bag Set]

So, what you will you pick up from Bendel's this season? If nothing else, invest in one of their signature candles. I promise you will not be disappointed. Share with me your favorite scent!


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