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All too often I find clients to have very strong reactions towards using plaid in their homes. Many times this is linked to associations that plaid is for a country aesthetic, or one that is very traditional. There is nothing wrong with a great country or traditional plaid, but if your personal style is not either, do not be so quick to dismiss! Today I'd like to make a case proving that plaid can feel modern and even edgy.

How to use plaid in a contemporary setting...

1. Color Palette Bold, vivid hues or unexpected color combinations will give your plaid a contemporary vibe.

[image via Nickey Kehoe]

At the opposite end of the color spectrum, a neutral black and white palette with a hint of red feels edgy and chic.

[image via Ralph Lauren]

2. Application Think beyond furniture and pillows when incorporating plaid. This subtle plaid wallpaper acts almost like a textured backdrop to these minimal furnishings.

[image via Pinterest]

How cool is this floor tile? This unexpected application feels more like a geometric pattern, and the neutral palette is very clean.

[image via STUDIO McGEE]

3. Scale Large scale patterns have a tendency to feel contemporary. This is technically a buffalo check, but a perfect example of how large scale patterns can have a graphic quality that instantly transform a space. I love the pairing of this check with the modern light fixture.

[image via Better Homes & Gardens]

4. Pairing When all is said and done, I do believe that with what you chose to pair your plaid will ultimately determine the aesthetic. I love the aqua blue in this plaid and its application on a clean mid-century style sofa. The pairing against the white walls and the ocean photography print give it this really cool, laid-back vibe.

[Brian Patrick Flynn via Instagram]

This arguable traditional bedding is made urban by its pairing with this incredibly chic four poster bed with leather upholstery, and this gorgeous black cowhide rug.

[image via pinterest]

Great plaid items to get you started!

From top left: Broken Plaid Rug | Printed Lacquer Tray | Double Old-fashioned Glass | Modern Coordinate Bench | Motley Throw | Plaid Coir Estate Doormat

Share with us how you use plaid in your home!


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