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Happy New Year! Now that the holidays are over and many of us are stuck indoors for a seemingly endless winter, it is only natural to turn our focus to our homes and interior spaces in which we will be spending so much time. And with the new year, comes our desire to start anew, or simply refresh. Thus, I am introducing my Hot for Hue series, to inspire your interior refresh. Starting with red, and running down each color of the rainbow, I will be showcasing some of my favorite spaces in that color. Each post will feature a different type of space, 5 spaces per color. Did I confuse you already? Follow along and you'll see what I mean in no time!


There are often colors almost all clients seem to be on board with - blue, white, various shades of gray. Red is one of those colors that is about 50/50, and the love or hate is usually very strong. For those of you that are lovers of red, this installment of Hot for Hue: Red Decor will show you red's potential beyond the dining room. For those of you not so much lovers, these fresh rooms may inspire you to give it a try (or at least develop an appreciation for it).

This cozy, cheerful room belongs to Lindsey Andrews, co-founder of Minibar Delivery. A smaller space like this, especially one with a good amount of windows, is ideal for implementing an all-over vivid color. Her choice of red - bright, not too dark, keeps the room from feeling cave-like, and the sheen allows the natural light to reflect off the walls and around the room. When going for glossy, bright walls, don't forget to paint the crown and trim moldings. What also makes this room work so well, is that she kept the upholstery clean and light. And if you think this is too contemporary, look a little closer.... the lines of the furniture are in fact traditional. It's how she mixes it all together that makes this room feel current.

[image via]

Below is a more obviously traditional application of the same concept. The millwork is painted all the same glossy, bright red, and as the previous living room, it is balanced by the use of whites and blacks to give the eye a rest. You can see the patterns are much larger and bolder, to really drive home the red on red vibe. The use of these various patterns are important to keep the room from feeling flat. This is a room for a true lover of red.

[image via House Beautiful]

If lacquering everything in bright red (and then layering red furniture on top of that) is simply too much, a perfect alternative to paint is a patterned wallpaper. This print below tones down the intensity of the red color by providing a neutral backdrop to the pattern.

[image via]

Do not feel that in order to create a "red room" (or room of any other color), that the color must be applied to the walls, nor does it have to be the only color in the room. Another option is to select a prominent piece in the room to make red. Here the large area rug commands the room, and the red is picked up then in the fabric for the two chairs as well as the round stool. Here the red is paired so nicely with its complementary color, green. This particular shade of green keeps the color combo feeling all-season rather than holiday.

[image via]

Many would argue the sofa is the most prominent, or most important, piece in a living room as it is often times the largest piece of furniture and the most frequently used. In any case, it is the perfect choice for red! This sofa is absolutely stunning with its rich red velvet and tailored lines. I very much love the addition of the red geometric tape trim along the bottom of the skirt as well as the nail head detail along the arm and back. The red and white zebra print pillows and just the right mount of fun and help to break up the red. Like the previously featured rooms, much of the rest of the space is black and white with the exception of the red tray and red flowers on the cocktail table.

[image via]

For those of you thinking you might be ready for red, a red sofa could be the perfect investment piece.

Another great piece to make a statement with red is the coffee table as it is a staple in most living rooms. This one from Oomph has a great tray top and choice of textured inlay.

[Rowayton Coffee Table]

Prefer an ottoman? This one from BLUDOT is modern and clean. I love the piping detail.

[Quotto Ottoman]

So if you are ready to take the plunge into red, think beyond just throwing a pair of red pillows on the sofa and calling it a day. GO BOLD! Choose a piece that commands attention. Big risks in interiors seldom disappoint.


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