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In my experience, when a request for red comes along, it is most often for the dining room. Perhaps it's due to claims that red stimulations the appetite, and conversation, which makes for an excellent dinner party, no? For whatever the reason, a red dining room resonates. So lets take a look!

The dining room is a space where there are mainly hard surfaces and there can be little upholstery. Therefore, I embrace any opportunity to add pattern and/or texture to instantly warm up the space. Enter wallpaper. I love wallpaper in the dining room (in any room, to be honest), and, in my opinion, Gracie (link: graciestudio) can do no wrong! This wallpaper is stunning beyond words. It truly elevates the idea of traditional red dining room walls by adding texture and interest. I also love the mixture of chairs around the table. So chic!

[image via instagram @graciestudio]

For the traditionalist that prefers a more geometric pattern to florals, or simply a little less red, this Dorothy Draper F&W paper is a beautiful option! I love how there are four different patterns within the rectangles. Such attention to detail in this one!

[image via instagram @johnrosselliassociates]

Wallpapers to get you started...

[Otomi] [Reflections]

I know wallpaper is not for everyone, and as I said in my post about red decor in the living room (read it here!), the walls are not the only way to make a strong color statement in a space. In this more beautiful, no-fuss dining room by Tobi Fairley is the perfect inspiration. The tailored upholstered dining chairs make the statement here. The red is carried throughout the room with rug and the vases, while the rest of the room is neutral and clean, A few special pieces such as the chandelier and wall mirror add the texture and interest.

[image via Tobi Fairley]

Do upholstered chairs combined with red wine make you too nervous? Or perhaps chocolate covered little hands? I completely understand! Try red painted chairs for an easy to wipe solution without sacrificing style. Top off with a red lantern pendant and you have yourself one fabulous space.

[image via Windsor Smith]

Red lantern options to inspire you...

[Carousel Lantern] [Hobe Sound Lantern]

For those of you who are not afraid of the red wall, but perhaps have a more contemporary aesthetic, go for clean, glossy red paint. Rather than adding a chair railing or some other detail to break up the wall, the oversized photograph does just the trick. It's large scale and simple white frame keep with the contemporary vibe, as does the straight lines of the parsons style dining table. I love how the red is layered in again on the backs of the chairs, with a pattern on the front so as not to overwhelm.

[image via House Beautiful]

Another dining room with red walls, red on the chairs, and topped off with a red framed light fixture. While the furniture itself is more traditional, the black brings and edge to the space. Those floor to ceiling red drapery panels add a ton of drama!

[image via Architectural Digest]

Do you have a red dining room in your home? Share your photo in the comments!


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