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I must admit, I am not a huge fan of red in the kitchen, unless it's an ultra sleek kitchen with lacquered flat panel cabinets in a candy colored red... you know, like a sugar coated red candy apple. This kitchen, which reminds me precisley of that, is so well suited to its urban setting.

[image via Architectural Digest]

But even while I can appreciate this look, I find it to be too intense even for me. My recommendation when it comes to red in the kitchen is to use it sparingly. Avoid painting the walls red, and instead incorporate some sleek red pendants, a patterned backsplash tile, or fun red counter stools.

[left to right: Shelby Mod Pendant | Palio 8 | Hot Mesh Counter Stool]

I can also appreciate red on the kitchen island. Although the island a major part of any kitchen, an accent color will still feel like exactly that, an accent. My preference is for bright and glossy!

[image via Apartment Therapy]


The bathroom is another would I personally would recommend staying away from red paint unless, of course, willing to go bright and glossy. Wallpaper is a great option for bathrooms. As I mentioned in yesterday's post about red decor in the dining room (read it here!), wallpaper is the perfect solution for adding interest and texture to a room that is mainly hard surfaces. I am not saying that it is necessary to do this in a bathroom, especially if you are going for a clean, spa-like oasis, it all depends on what you want to accomplish in your space.

[image via Lindsey Coral Harper]

You may be inclined to think that using a red tile in the bathroom would be overwhelming. This bathroom designed by Genevieve Gorder for her own home is the perfect example of how this is not necessarily the case. Every wall in this bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling and she even went as far as to use red grout. It is stunning! The red is not too strong, and provides a beautiful backdrop to the black, white and brass palette.

[image via HGTV]

Here is a more subtle way to incorporate red into your bathroom, a shower curtain! But that's not all. Look closely - do you see the red pencil liner across the top of the shower tile? I love this little detail! And if you eventually tire of it, you don't have to replace all of your tile, only the border.

[image via Sara Gilbane]

Thoughts on red kitchens and bathrooms? We'd love to know!


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