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Pink has come to the forefront of design and decorating in recent years with the ever so trendy term "millennial pink". Pink has been due for a comeback from its heyday in the 80s. I am not going to discuss millennial pink per say, but simply great design with pink as the commanding color - all shades of pink, and not even a little bit 80s.


Before we move inside, let's take a look at some great home exteriors that utilize pink. How lively is this painted pink brick with green shutters? I love the layering of color here with the medium pink door and even the hot pink blooms on the tree out front. Oh so charming and southern.

[image via Southern Living]

Below, a more mod way to do pink on the exterior - clean, vibrant, and oh so chic. I love the flat door style with oversized pulls. Paired with glass and all white, it really pops!

[image via InstaGram @palmspringsstyle]

The application of this rich fuchsia against the deep charcoal gray is perfect for an edgier aesthetic. The architecture of this facade is so beautiful on its own, and I love how the pink highlights these features. The impact would not have been the same had it only been the door that was painted. The little jewel tone lantern is the cherry on top!

[image via pinterest]

The backyard is another great space to bring in some pink. This deeper, more earthy pink pulls out the little hints of pink on the cacti, and makes a beautiful backdrop to this garden. It has me thinking I should consider repainting the cinderblock wall in my yard....

[image via domino]


I love a home with an entry foyer. Entry foyers are like a design appetizer. It is a taste for what's to be seen in the rest of the home. Because the entry foyer is often a pass through space, and not a space in which one spends a lot of time, going bold will not be overwhelming, but will in fact make an impactful first impression.

[image via House Beautiful]

An alternative to a bold paint is to make a statement with a great rug! Though the color is more subdued, the pattern mixed with the crisp black and white throughout the rest of the space certainly is impactful. Furthermore, this entry is proof that pink can be gender neutral.

[image via Pinterest]

If you like a more feminine aesthetic, then by all means embrace it! Not only is there a great statement making pink runner in this entry, but this beautiful blush toned wallpaper really drives it home! I love a layering of patterns, and this entry gets it right. All this femininity is balanced by the very handsome wood chest.

[image via pinterest]

Ready to bring some pink in to your home? Think beyond a little girl's room. The options are endless!


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