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Pink in the living room may seem like a decorating risk you could never take. The following spaces will hopefully have you thinking twice.

Windsor Smith so smartly mixes not only four colors in this space, but a variety of textures and patterns as well. The repetition of various pinks throughout make it the commanding color, but the use of neutrals on key pieces such as the area rug and coffee table, give the eye rest. The result is fun and whimsical, not at all overwhelming.

[image via Windsor Smith]

This space by Steven Gambrel for domino, is abundant with color and texture. Gambrel painted the walls one shade of pink, and used a darker shade of pink paint to create architecture where there was none. Note the band along where the wall meets the ceiling and around the frame of the windows. The pink is repeated in the selection of window treatment fabric. Such a fun, versatile, richly layered space.

[image via domino]

I must include this stunner, by the fabulous Jamie Drake, even though it is technically peach. I fell in love with this room at first sight when I saw it featured in House Beautiful (I think it was back before digital subscription even existed, and I had a binder full of magazine clippings). I love it still! A far cry from the peach of the 80s paired with seafoam green and other pastel brushstrokes, this beautiful space boasts lacquered walls, tailored furnishings, and a contrast of black and gray for added masculinity. Soooo good!

[image via House Beautiful]

I, of course, have to throw something feminine into the mix, and this room hits so many of my decorating loves - curves, colored sofa, and fashion illustrations. I also much prefer feminine design when it is clean and contemporary.

[image source unknown]

I absolutely love this room. Such a great mix of contemporary and traditional - the traditional crown molding painted black, the clean contemporary sofa with application or bullion fringe along the bottom. There is so much to love about this space, but especially the blush tone of the sofa fabric layered in front of the large scaled abstract art. This room is fierce.

[image via Pinterest]

For a true lover of pink, go bold! I had the pleasure of experiencing in person this pink on pink space design by Brian Patrick Flynn for the 2015 Hampton Designer Showhouse. It is a definite WOW!

[image via your's truly]

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Share your thoughts on pink decor, or better yet your pink spaces!


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