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If you've been following along on my Hot for Hue series, you'll note that I have made it a point to show how a color can command a space in more ways than applying a coat of paint to the walls. In selecting some of my most fav pink dining rooms to share with you today, I noticed that, ironically, almost all of them boast pink walls. Oops! But, many of the wall treatments go beyond paint. So here is a look at pink walls in both traditional and contemporary dining rooms.

This beautifully romantic dining room designed by Kelee Katillac features walls upholstered in a gorgeous pink silk blend fabric. I like that she chose to use the same fabric for the drapery. Rather than breaking up the pink, you are enveloped by it, and the remaining furnishings are kept neutral. I like the little hints of pink repeated in the pillow fringe and flowers on the table.

[image via House Beautiful]

It may be difficult to see at first glance, but if you look closely and these gorgeous walls, you'll see palm leaves in this custom paint application. The subtlety is so beautiful. The layering of pink is broken up only by browns and crisp white of the bamboo furnishings. Not your typical coastal dining room - and I mean that in a good way!

[image via Traditional Home]

I am obsessed with high gloss ceilings, (you will see a lot of high gloss in this series) and this coved ceiling provides the perfect opportunity. What I particularly love above the pink ceiling layered with the pink walls is the mix of textures - smooth high gloss with more natural, tactile grass cloth, all in this fabulous hue! Again we see crisp white and rich browns, and with the clean lines make for a fresh and updated traditional final product.

[image via Massucco Warner Miller]

While the walls of this dining room are not pink, the pink florals in the wallpaper are certainly prominent. The chairs are the real stars of this room, ad you can see that their pink color is pulled from the wallpaper. It is such a smart choice to go with a solid fabric on these chairs given the bold color and also that the wallpaper is already busy. The two compliment each other so well rather than fighting.

[image via Instagram @tobifairley]

This glorious, contemporary dining room is painted in Paper and Paints’ SC 312 Pink and paired with such beautiful midcentury furnishings. The 1950s light fixture is ah-mazing! I especially love the bright punch of color in the sleek leather chairs.

[image via Architectural Digest]

My favorite chair EVER is the planter chair featured in the dining room below. The choice of the citrus yellow-green upholstery is perfection. Although several other rooms I have featured show yellow as the accent color, it feels so unexpected in this space. Add a graphic black and white floral rug, glossy black dining table, and blingy sputnik fixture, and you have yourself one chic dining room!

[source unknown]

This dining room, designed by Amanda Nisbet, is like a glamorous jewel box. The rich magenta walls are a silk wallpaper, and yet again we have a high gloss ceiling. I love the multiple metal and crystal chandeliers and the banquette seating under the window (I am also a huge fan of banquette seating). Her choice to go dark rather than with a light or medium pink makes the room feel sophisticated and edgy.

[image via Elle Decor]

So pink in the dining room - any takers?


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