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I know what you're thinking - you ripped out all of that pink tile from the 50s and now I'm telling you to put it back in?? Almost everything comes back in style, but always in a fresh, new way. So yes, let's take a look at some pink bathrooms.

I'll ease you in with a low commitment option, the pink vanity. The only pink in this bathroom is the vanity, which can easily be repainted. The counter top is a classic white marble as is the wall tile that you can see in the reflection of the mirror. This detail work on this vanity is so beautiful, and the color application highlights all its intricacy.

[image via Veranda]

Another low commitment way to bring in some pink is to use paint or wallpaper. The large scale of this floral pattern makes it contemporary, and I love the shot of hot pink on the ceiling. Again, we have classic white details in the wainscotting and a simple black stone vanity.

[image via Polished Habitat]

This pink herringbone tile floor is so gorgeous. A bit more of a commitment, yes, but again you see classic details such as all the beautiful white molding and a white marble vanity. Herringbone is also a classic pattern that always looks beautiful. When incorporating pink into the bathroom, balancing it with elements that have timeless appeal will give it more longevity. Rather than feeling trendy and thus becoming quickly outdated, it will feel like a purposeful color choice.

[image via apartment therapy]

Not afraid to go full force? How is this for some inspiration? This gorgeous shower uses an elongated subway tile for a more contemporary vibe. I also love the industrial style exposed copper shower head and coordinating towel bar on the sink. Chic and not overly feminine. The wood floor is another great element. And is this an outdoor shower? That is definitely on my dream home wish list!

[image via Instagram @lonnymag]

I've been on the fence about the beveled edge subway tile as I fear it may be a fleeting trend. This bathroom, however, does it oh so well. In fact, it may not have the same impact had a standard subway been used. It brings some edge to all the pink. The simple gray tile floor and midcentury wood vanity are the perfect more masculine balance.

[image via Pinterest]

You don't have to cover every wall to make a bold statement. I am a huge fan of accent tile behind the vanity. Yet again everything is clean and white. The choice of large square tile for the floor and marble slab for the adjacent wall perfectly balances the small scale of the 2x2 pink tile. It keeps the space from feeling too busy. It's a very contemporary, spa like space. What's not to love?

[image via Pinterest]

However you chose to bring pink into your bathroom, please, please, please no pink toilets!

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