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Orange is the color I most often get a firm "NO" from clients when we are first discussing the vision for their project. I find it is also most often associated with mid-century and uber modern design. Orange is so much more than that! Orange can be traditional, transitional, classic, and above all beautiful. Umm, hello Hermès? This luxury brand is identifiable by it's own shade of orange.

Case in point, this elegant, traditional living room features an Hermes throw across the back of the sofa. The orange walls are a perfect match, and given that it is broken up by white wainscoting and substantial trim molding, it is not at all overwhelming. The orange plaid on the cocktail ottoman brings the color full circle.

[image via Architectural Digest]

This showhouse design by Cullman & Kravis goes bold with orange. They go as far as to highlight the trim in orange, and it looks spectacular! The entire space is warm and elegant.

[image via Cullman & Kravis Associates]

The wallpaper is the showpiece in this space. Layered with bold and beautiful light fixtures, the furnishings are kept neutral and minimal to let that wallpaper shine. The continuation of the orange onto the soffit in the ceiling is genius!

[image source unknown]

The ever so stylish Aerin Lauder incorporates orange walls in her Southampton home. Not only are the walls beautifully bold, but also the sofa with its leopard print upholstery.

[image via Pinterest]

This parlor boast a traditional and masculine take on orange in Gil Schafer's Greenwhich Village Townhouse. I love the use of stately pieces, rich woods, and loads of layering.

[image via G.P. Schafer Architect]

Here we have a still traditional, but much softer application of orange on the walls. The overall color palette is simple, consisting of creams and whites with some wood elements. This allows the patterned fabric in the window treatments and side chairs to take the leading role. A relaxed space with some femininity.

[image via Terry Sullivan Interiors]

I have said many times before, applying color to the walls is not the only way to bring color into a space, but I do advocate thinking beyond a few throw pillows and a decorative vase on a table top. This beautiful space by Melanie Turner Interiors creates a strong orange presence by choosing two key elements to bring in the color. Window treatments and rugs transform a space, and in this instance take it from a soft to energetic.

[image via Melanie Turner Interiors]

Bruce Bierman Designs renovated what was an old athletic facility into a Manhattan apartment full of color. This room showcases my favorite design style - pairing traditional architectural details with contemporary furnishings.

[image via Architectural Digest]

Orange is a warm and dynamic color that can bring energy into any space. Don't be so quick to dismiss!


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