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I gather by now you are noticing a pattern in these #hotforhue posts, and have guess today's post would be all about orange in the kitchen. Orange, like red, has been said to stimulate the appetite, which would make it an ideal color for the kitchen. Or perhaps, if you are trying to suppress your appetite and lose that holiday weight like I am, maybe orange is not for your kitchen. None the less, let's take a look at some beautiful and inspiring kitchens with orange as the color of choice.

In yesterday's post, HOT FOR HUE: ORANGE DINING ROOMS, I featured a beautiful breakfast area in an orange kitchen designed by Melanie Coddington. Here is a look at the rest of the kitchen space. The orange of the cabinets, Benjamin Moore's Salsa Dancing, was pulled from the orange in the backsplash tile pattern. The rest of the palette is neutral allowing for the cabinets to take center stage.

[image via House Beautiful - see full article here]

Another view of this darling kitchen. I love the rustic pendants and that the island feels more like a piece of furniture rather than a permanent fixture.

[image via House Beautiful]

For a more toned-down version of this look, consider limiting your use of orange to one area such as the kitchen island and/or the back of some open shelving. The back of glass front cabinetry can also be painted, and, if you have white china to display, the orange will allow your beautiful pieces to pop!

[image via Pinterest]

If you prefer a more timeless look, aka the all white kitchen, but want to spice it up a bit, this kitchen provides the perfect solution. Here, orange is used to accentuate the bar area. Being that the doors are glass front, the orange is limited to frame keeping the look consistent with the open and airy feeling of the rest of the space. The orange is then picked up in the upholstery used for the barstools.

[image via bdhome design + interiors]

A second option is to limit the orange to the butler's pantry (see it in the back?) Smaller spaces such as the butler's pantry, powder room, and entry foyer are ideal for making a bold statement with design because they are rooms in which you are not spending a significant amount of time.

[image via Lindsey Coral Harper]

Naturally, there is always the option to paint the walls. The beautiful Georgian rectory turned residence in a village in England was transformed into a warm rustic kitchen with these orange walls.

[image via House and Home]

There is so much charm in this traditional French country kitchen. The walls as well as the ceiling were painted the same warm orange. I adore the row of copper pots along the single open shelf, and of course, the row of plates displayed above.

[image via House and Home]

Hungry for more orange? (I know, terrible pun!) Tomorrow is all about orange in the bathroom, and there are some great bathroom spaces I am excited to share with you.


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