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Proof, yet again, that orange can be traditional and elegant, is this beautiful bathroom with classic white and cream finishes paired with light orange walls. It reminds me of a creamsicle, one of my favorite ice cream flavors!

[image via Better Homes & Gardens]

If you wouldn't mind a bit more punch that still errs on the traditional side, this orange damask wallpaper would make a beautiful addition to any bathroom. It's application on only the top half of the wall with white bead board along the bottom half keeps the pattern from overwhelming the space.

[image via jd designs]

This storybook inspired wallpaper creates a sense of whimsy in this London townhouse powder room. Because it is not a dense pattern, and there is ample white background, the space feels light and fun! And how fabulous is this flamingo print with the orange feathers peeking out? At least I hope this is a print and not taxidermied! Either way, design need not be taken too seriously.

[image via Ideal Home]

For a more modern aesthetic, a geometric pattern is always a good choice. The lines of the fixtures in this powder are also very clean and linear. The choice of glass vessel sink and glass globes on the sconces allows the space to appear visually open and not busy against the wallpaper. And the fabulous shot of high gloss orange on the vanity - so well done!

[image via Architectural Digest]

Here is another great orange vanity. The wallpaper has such a beautiful painterly quality about it, and I love that orange is not the dominant color, but rather one of many colors that could have been highlighted in the vanity. The choice of this orange however is fresh and unexpected.

[image via Circa Lighting on Pinterest]

I am certainly a proponent of accent pieces to bring in color, and the use of these orange chinoiserie mirrors are an excellent choice. They bring drama and flair to an otherwise simple bathroom, and can easily be swapped out. Far more exciting than a few orange hand towels!

[image via House Beautiful]

If you have the luxury of a clawfoot tub in your bathroom, have some fun with it and paint the outside orange, as in this bathroom by Dorrington Atcheson Architects. Remember, it can always be painted back to white, or to my personal favorite, black.

[image via apartment therapy]

Or why not install a killer copper soaker tub like this one? It counts as orange in my book, and once you have a showpiece such as this is your bathroom, it's really all you need!

[image via apartment therapy]

We are just about done with orange. How are you liking all of this inspiration so far? Tomorrow we will take a look at orange in the bedroom.


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