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Let's start off with this absolutely stunning dining room by Patrick Mele. As I said in yesterday's post (HOT FOR HUE: YELLOW DECOR IN THE LIVING ROOM), often times all you need is one key element with which to make an impact. These yellow parsons style dining chairs do just that! Note that the walls and remaining furnishings are neutral, so as not to complete with the chairs. And though the color palette may be simple, this room is anything but basic.

[image via Patrick Mele]

Along the same vein, is this chic breakfast nook by designer Amanda Nisbet. The statement piece is this gorgeous yellow banquette. A dining banquette will almost always get my seal of approval! I love it's paring with sleek clean, lines furnishings and modern art. And again we have a neutral palette.

[image via Amanda Nisbet]

Here we have another fabulous banquette, along with my personal favorite, the oval tulip table. The use of yellow on the seat cushions livens up these traditional wood framed chairs. It is repeated again in the abstract contemporary art tryptic and more subtly on the inside of the pendant light - genius!

[image via House Beautiful]

This traditional dining room, designed by William Rankin McClure for the 2016 Southern Style Now Showhouse, feels wonderfully fresh and new with these bright yellow walls. The silk draperies were selected to match so as to create a continuity. I also love a large scale piece of contemporary art in a traditional setting.

[image via The Ace of Space Blog]

For a more contemporary take on yellow walls, pair with other bold colors, abstract art, and midcentury chairs and light fixture. This space is just so great!

[image via Old Brand New]

I could not go without including a beautifully wallpapered dining room such as this one. The use of matching deep wood tones in the furniture and mirror frame create drama against the yellow backdrop.

[image via Habitually Chic]

I love that designer Tobi Fairley is so fearless with color. She is not afraid to go bold or layer color on color on color. This dining room maintains a sense of formality while still being fun with its choice of geometric wallpaper and patterned chairs. And while I personally am not big on polka dots, I can certainly appreciate how well they work in the space. I am on the other hand big into the lavender on the ceiling!

[image via Tobi Fairley]

In contrast to the previous two dining space, this trellis patterned wallpaper paired with linen slipcovered chairs invites a more relaxed dining atmosphere. There are so many beautiful little design elements in this dining room, from the carved pedestal base on the dining table to the dressmaker detail on the backs of the chairs.

[image via House Beautiful]

With today's modern lifestyle, many of us chose to forgo a formal dining space all together, or prefer to have an additional more casual dining space for everyday use. Often times, this space is part of the kitchen. With a smaller space, comes the opportunity to use a banquette. (Did I mention how much I adore a banquette?) This space is full of charm with its brightly painted yellow table and wire stools.

[image via House Beautiful]

How fabulous are these chairs? This entire space, small though it may be, has such a sense of whimsey, and is proof that you can create a dining area anywhere. I can imagine having tea in the morning, or afternoon, cozied up in this little spot!

[image via Better Homes & Gardens]

There are so many fantastic dining rooms starring the color yellow, I had such a hard time selecting which ones to feature in today's post. Check out my YELLOW PINTEREST BOARD that follows this blog post to see additional spaces. You won't want to miss them!


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