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I must admit, I am not a huge fan of a yellow house. While they do have their charm, something about them just feels too 1990s to me. My husband, on the other hand, loves a yellow house, and I will say that like everything else, it has its place. It's all about the right hue and the right application. What I do love is a yellow door, or the use of yellow in an unexpected way. I also love that yellow can lend itself to traditional, modern, and contemporary settings. So let's take a look at some yellow, both outside and in.

Now this is what I mean by an unexpected application. This bright, almost neon, paint on the brick exterior of what appears to be an old building is so incredibly cool. I also love the choice of the deep blue door to add contrast.

[image via Pinterest]

Another great example of an unexpected application is to not only paint the door yellow, but the windows and shutters to match. Again, a very cool and fresh vibe against the stone facade.

[image via Pinterest]

Here, the same concept is applied to this tiny home, but feels much more dramatic and edgy against the dark (I think it's black) paint color on the rest of the home. Though I don't think I could live in a tiny home myself, this one is done so well.

[image via Tiny Living]

This yellow door makes a statement against this clean-lined, modern Palm Springs home. This home just calls for a color on the door, and the yellow is perfect! See the rest of this chic home with more black, white and yellow on the interior here.

[image via Home Adore]

Some more inspiring yellow doors...

[image via Pinterest]

[image via Instagram @doorseverywhere]

[image via decor mag]


Let's bring the yellow inside. Rather than painting the exterior side of the door yellow, consider the interior side (or both)! So fun!

[image via redbook]

Here we have another beautiful pairing of yellow walls with deep blue door, but in a much more traditional setting. The reverse toile wall paper is cheerful yellow and white, and the large scale of the pattern feels updated and fresh.

[image via Suellen Gregory]

This classic entry keeps it simple and timeless with painted yellow walls, a rich stained wood door, and stunning marble floors.

[image via House Beautiful]

I could not forget to include this glamorous entry foyer designed by the oh so talented Alex Papachristidis, with its spectacular wallpaper, geometric patterned wood floors, and white plaster chandelier (look out for a future blog post on these beauties).

[image via Architectural Digest]

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