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Yellow is such a cheerful color to use in any space, and the trend today is to use vibrant yellow hues that lean more citrus or even neon. Now I am not one to typically recommend yellow walls in my design projects as I feel it is so tricky to get just the right yellow, but nothing in my design rulebook is absolute, so I had to feature this living room by designer Nick Olsen. He really gets it right with these lemon yellow walls.

[image via House Beautiful]

Rather than yellow walls, try making a statement with a key piece or two in the space. Window treatments are always good place to bring in a vibrant color, especially in a neutral room such as this one.

[image via Traditional Home]

While this space is not without color, the bold shot of yellow on these dramatically tall window treatments steals the show. This entire room is so vibrant and cool!

[image via my domaine]

In this space, the yellow is repeated on the console. Repetition is so important in creating a cohesive space, whether it be with color, or another design element.

[image via Pinterest]

I know I always say to be more courageous than adding a few pillows, so let me clarify that I am not against colorful pillows! Pillows allow you to layer color throughout a space, and here, since the yellow is also repeated in the window treatments, they feel purposeful and not random. Mary's designs are also always so masterfully executed. I love her use of symmetry in this space. I am such a huge fan of her work!

[image via Mary McDonald]

A key piece of upholstery is another statement making option, and give me a double chaise any day! This screams luxury and yet comfort all at the same time. Who wouldn't want to relax here next to their sweetie watching TV or sipping a glass of wine by the fire?

[image source unknown]

Not into the double chaise? You should seriously reconsider (wink, wink). All joking aside, a pair of chairs will accomplish the same goal. The classic silhouette of these chairs gets an update with contemporary yellow fabric. So pretty!

[image via lonny]

I am a huge proponent of color on the sofa, and it is undeniable that this yellow sofa stand out against the backdrop of grays and blacks. It adds the perfect jolt of energy to this living room.

[image via domino]

What's better than one colorful sofa? Two, of course! This buttery yellow is a lovely alternative if a bright yellow is just too much for you. It has vintage vibe rather than feeling dated, which is largely due to its pairing against clean white walls and contemporary art.

[image via my domaine]

While there is so much to love about this space, the yellow chairs draw your eye immediately. Painted chairs almost never do you wrong, and are low commitment. Besides, they are just plain fun! Remember not to take design too seriously.

[image via Elle Decor]

How do you use yellow in your living room? Share your thoughts and photos!


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