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If you read my post on red decor in the kitchen (read it here!), I can tell you I feel the same about yellow kitchens. I prefer them to be modern or contemporary, or have the yellow limited to an accent feature such as the island.

This kitchen has all of these elements - a accent wall of yellow cabinetry, a peak of yellow underneath the island, and a contemporary aesthetic. And how great is that black counter with waterfall edge?

[image via reverbsf]

This transitional kitchen let's the island make the statement with yellow cabinetry. The dark counter and sink on the island (looks like it may be soapstone) gives it an update vibe.

[image via Pinterest]

Why not have some fun with a beautiful yellow range?

[image via decorpad]


l know, I know! I skimped on the kitchens this time around, but I have so many incredible yellow bathrooms to share. You can see more yellow kitchen inspiration here on my Pinterest page. Now, on to using yellow in the bathroom. One great aspect about designing a bathroom is that you can get really creative with tile. This simple mosaic is used to create a beautiful accent wall by running a band of yellow behind each of the vanities.

[image via House Beautiful]

Same concept, more bold in pattern! The design goes beyond stripes to create these boxes than span the entire wall, even into the shower. The continuity onto the floor makes such an impact. I also love the choice of chandelier and oversized mirror. A bathroom should be designed and decorated just like any other room in the house.

[image via House to Home]

Alternatively, you can accent the back wall of the shower. There is currently a huge trend in design to take the floor tile and continue up the shower - a trend with which I am very much on board! It does not have to be done this way, of course. You can certainly have an accent tile different from the floor, and my one recommendation would be not to have two competing patterns.

[image via House and Home Magazine UK]

Yes, the use of tile to introduce color and pattern is very permanent. For an option that requires less commitment (I think you know where I'm going), let's wallpaper! Against the classic pedestal sink and traditional furnishings, this funky flamestitch pattern takes this powder room from serious to fun. Perfect for a stylish family home.

[image via House and Home]

For a more traditional option, this Scalamandre Zebras wallpaper never disappoints. I have seen it used now in its many available color options, and I love it each and every time. I must also point out this gorgeous art decor door! I am a huge fan of art decor interiors (see my blog post ART DECO for more inspiration).

[image via domino]

Those of you that are afraid of wallpaper (so many people are!), I first encourage you not to be. It can really elevate a space and take it from basic to truly special. Secondly, though, there are of course alternatives, such as a painted vanity.

[image via decoist]

And for the traditionalist with a claw foot tub, paint the underside! I am a huge fan of this in any color.

[image via House & Home]

Don't forget to check out my Pinterest board YELLOW INTERIORS for more ideas and inspiration!


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