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A few days ago, I finally picked up the current issue of House Beautiful and got a good read of Sophie Donelson's Editor's Letter which, oddly enough, was all about self-investment and how it relates to the home. The topic could not have resonated with me more! Not only because it has been on my mind, but also because I completely agree. It was reading Sophie's that inspired me to put my own thoughts on the subject in writing. She references her preference for the term self-investments over self-improvement. And while I agree they go hand in hand, I never quite viewed them as being one in the same. I associate self-improvement as a need to work one's character and agree with Sophie that self-investment is more of a treat to yourself that will have a positive outcome. So it is my opinion (just an opinion) that if you self-invest, it will allow you to self-improve. For example, if you invest in your appearance, perhaps you will have more confidence. If you invest in a well-organized and nicely decorated workspace, you may be more inclined to enjoy going to work and will have a more pleasant demeanor while there.

I myself am starting with my home office, which is now moving into a closet in the playroom. Investing in this space is truly investing in myself as it is investing in my business. I have begun by purging these huge inspiration binders with vast amounts of magazine cut-outs that I've compiled years ago. I was holding on to them in case I needed them. I mean, what if I can't find that exact room on Pinterest? The truth is, if it's not that room, there will be another. Creating a new, more efficiently organized workspace will allow me to work more efficiently and productively. Here is some closet/office inspiration.

So I have chosen to tackle my home's organizational needs as my way to self-invest (I am also making a promise to myself to get a haircut this weekend, because this mom really needs it). A clutter free space = a clutter free mind! But, of course, this is not the only way. A fresh coat of paint to a room can easily lift one's spirits. Add wall paper to the inside of a closet. If it a closet you use on a daily basis, that wallpaper will make you smile every time you open the closet doors. Smiling is a great way to start or end your day. On a smaller scale, buy some fresh flowers to set out on your coffee table or in your kitchen.

I truly believe that our environment impacts us mentally, emotionally, and physically. So why not then take great care in the spaces where we spend most of our time, or perhaps our most quality time? They will in turn then take care of us.


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