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My very first Hot for Hue post was on emerald green (read it here!), which I am still very much hot for, but this week in the series I will be celebrating all greens. Let's start with green entryways.


By now you may be noticing a pattern to the style of spaces I have been showing throughout this series, and while my goal is to show a range of styles, my design eye has it certainly has its preferences. Case in point, lacquered walls! This entryway goes bold with this bright apple green, and I applaud the mix of traditional and contemporary pieces. It is done so well here.

[image via Elle Decor]

If you think high gloss can;t be done in a traditional setthing, think again! The architectural details of this space, form the wainscoting to the cove ceiling with dental crown molding are most certainly considered to be traditional. Yet the green lacquered walls work so well!

[image via Christina Murphy Interiors]

For the tried and true traditionalist, you can not go wrong with a floral motif wall covering and lantern style pendant. The white chinoiserie wall mirror is the perfect piece to layer in. Note the green chair in the adjacent room. A wonderful example of how to create continuity throughout a home.

[image via Pinterest]

For a more contemporary aesthetic, try a wallpaper with a large scale abstract. The varying tones of green in this wallpaper keep it from feeling flat. Sharp, angular lines in the furnishings reinforce the contemporary vibe.

[image via Architectural Digest]

It is unclear to me if this is an entryway or simply a hallway, but either way, so fabulous! I love a wallpapered ceiling, and this malachite is so chic. What I like most about this space, is that the designer, Ella Johnstone, chose to pull out the lighter green from the ceiling rather than the more dominant emerald green.

[image via Ella Johnstone]


If you were feeling the lacquered green walls, take a look at this beautiful living room decorated by Gwen Driscoll. Despite the lime hue, this room feels airy and serene. The large upholstery pieces appear to be only in solid fabrics, with the majority in a neutral color. Same with the window treatments - creamy colored solid drapery panels to break up the green. I must say I do love the way the bit of yellow plays off of the wall color though.

[image via House Beautiful]

For a vibrant living room full of energy and whimsey, do not be afraid to mix in additional colors and patterns. This space is calling for some fun and fabulous entertaining.

[image via Instagram @viyetny]

I have shown mainly vibrant greens up until this point, but deeper, bluer greens are equally impactful. Drama and sophistication are the two words that come to mind for this Markham Roberts living room layered in various shades of rich teal.

[image via Markham Roberts]

To speak to a more contemporary aesthetic, introduce a few key pieces in solid green against a color palette comprised mainly of grays and blacks. The kelley green in this space is fo fitting with the sculptural and graphic qualities brought in by the furnishings.

[image via Elle Decor]

Another example of green in moderation, with a more transitional aesthetic than the previous living room. The gray grasscloth walls provide a beautiful backdrop to the lush green velvet sofa.

[image via Christina Murphy Interiors]

I know I keep saying to think beyond a few throw pillows, and although the green is brought out by the pillows in this next living room, it is also repeated with the malachite ottomans. Additionally, there is an abundance of pattern elsewhere in the space that an overload of green isn't necessary to make a statement.

[image via apartment therapy]

See more fabulous green entryways and living rooms here! Tomorrow is all about green in the dining room. Be sure to check it out!


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