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Green may not be the first color you think of when designing your kitchen, but from light to dark, bright to soft, these gorgeous green kitchens are sure to inspire.

You may remember this beauty from my very first HOT FOR HUE post on EMERALD GREEN INTERIORS, and I had to include it again because it is just that good. Designed by the ever so talented Kelly Wearstler for Cameron Diaz's Manhattan apartment, the wash of emerald green on the cabinets paired with brass accents is oh so chic! This kitchen is like the inside of a jewel box.

[image via Elle Decor]

Flat panel, glossy, and green...oh my! The lacquered finish is all you need with this rich, kelly green hue. A flat panel door front, rather than a shaker or raised panel, keeps this kitchen from feeling busy. You'll notice the backsplash is a sheet of mirror (which I absolutely love!), and the countertops a solid honed black. These clean and streamlined elements allow the green to take center stage.

[image via House Beautiful]

A cheerful green hue that is bright, but not intense may be your perfect option. The lacquered finish on the base cabinets pairs so well with the rustic wood-toned upper cabinets. The chrome frame on the door and drawer fronts are what truly elevate this kitchen. There is so much good design going on here!

[image via House Beautiful]

The trend of an accent color for the kitchen island is still going pretty strong, and the vintage green finish of this island makes a statement in this all white kitchen. I am also a huge fan of wallpaper on the ceiling (I have grasscloth wallpaper on my kitchen ceiling!). The addition of the green plates over the range allows the eye to see green at three different levels in the room, bridging the island and ceiling. Remember, repetition is key!

[image via House Beautiful]

This classic all white kitchen is livened up with a burst of vibrant spring green subway tiles used for the backsplash. The repetition of green in the window shades and the barstool upholstery ties it all together.

[image via Traditional Home]

Painted floors are perfect for a country kitchen, and why not make them green? This light, but not too vibrant green hue gives the space a light and airy feeling of eternal spring.

[image via Melissa Ervin Interior Design]

I personally find myself more attracted to deeper green hues with gray undertones. This kitchen, though feels soft rather than dark. The contrasting white counters and use of all white dinnerware to fill the shelves add lightness.

[image via My Domaine]

One of my favorite design elements in the kitchen is the use of white upper cabinets with contrasting lower cabinets. The use of black and white for the floors, counters, and backsplash tile, keeps the look clean and cohesive.

[image via How to Build It]

Don't be afraid however to go dark on all of the cabinets. This beautiful kitchen by the talented Studio McGee gets it just right. The key is to add contrast. The white countertops and backsplash to keep the kitchen from feeling dark and heavy. I am also a huge fan of the pairing of light oak floors with a gray undertones.

[image via Instagram @studiomcgee]

Anther example of a beautiful dark green kitchen with white counters. If in your design/reno budget, splurging on continuing the countertop material on the backsplash is, in my opinion, very much worth the added cost. Here they went one step further and made a shelf as well. I love the use of the shelf as a picture ledge (very unique!), but it can easily be used to display dishes or glasses. The dark green wall painted to match the cabinet nails the whole look.

[image via Devol Kitchen]

So what are your thoughts on green in the kitchen? Weigh in below in our comments section. I'd love to know!



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