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We are taking a look today at bedrooms that boast glorious green as their color palette, and I'd like to start with those rooms that have green on the walls. You'll notice the following two spaces are actually wallpapered. I have always been a proponent of wallpaper, when done right, because even if you tend to shy away from pattern, a solid color wallpaper adds so much texture and dimension.

This grassy green textured grasscloth is the perfect example. The walls in this bedroom are so rich. The matching green draperies and painted crown molding allow you to really be enveloped by the green. The use of white in the headboard and bedding break up the green and add contrast. And I just adore a modern piece of art in a traditional setting.

[image via House Beautiful]

If you look closely, you will see these walls are also textured. I cannot say for sure if they are covered in wallpaper or fabric, but being that they match the upholstered headboard, I am inclined to say the walls are upholstered as well. Either way, incredibly beautiful! I like to softer, gray tones of this green hue (see more of this color on HOT FOR HUE: GREEN KITCHENS), with matching lampshades and a pop of green only on the bench. The bold element here is the fabulous black and white matelasse quilt on the bed.

[image via Elle Decor]

Tired of this wallpaper yet? Me neither! I told you it looks good in every color and every application. This bedroom is no exception. It is kept light and cheery with the bright white on the poster bed, stunning pagoda lamp on the bedside table, and in the crisp bedding.

[image via Architectural Digest]

For the maximalist, layer the wallpaper with a bed canopy lined and trimmed in matching green silk. Add in crisp white bedding with green embroidered trim for the win!

[image via Miles Redd]

As you know, I always like to explore avenues other than applying color to the walls. In the bedroom, the bed it provides the perfect opportunity to infuse a shot of color as it is often the focal point of the room. Designer Fawn Galli accentuates the beautiful curves of this upholstered headboard with this bold green fabric and contrast piping detail.

[image via House Beautiful]

For a less traditional look, try a streamlined platform style bed instead. Mix in geometric patterns in the bedding as did design genius Martyn Lawrence Bullard. He adds an additional layer with the screen behind the bed. I just adore incorporating a screen into my designs and don't get to use them often enough!

[image via Instagram @martynbullard]

Solid is not the only option, of course! Don't be afraid to use pattern, as did designer Steven Gambrel on this upholstered bed. The various shades of green in the pattern allowed him to layer these greens throughout the space in pillows, throws and decorative accents.

[image via Elle Decor]

I feature Tobi Fairley's work often in my Hot for Hue posts because she is such a master at using color (and pattern!). This space is her own master bedroom, and her use of green is so fresh and unexpected. While you'd think the blue wallpaper would take center stage, it is in fact the vibrant kelly green that does. Note how she thoughtfully considered the vantage point from the bedroom through to the bathroom and repeated the green on key pieces as you move from one space to the other. So well done!

[image via Instagram @tbifairley]

Another unexpected way in which to bring green to the forefront, a giant piece of art behind the bed. This contemporary artwork keeps the space from feeling too serious. The soaring draperies and matching bedskirt continue the green in at varying levels throughout the space. And proof that attention to detail makes the space, how beautiful is the green trim framing each wall?

[image via House Beautiful]

The often forgotten fifth wall, the ceiling can make a huge impact in a space. I personally love a wallpapered ceiling, and this fretwork pattern does not disappoint. With such a statement, it is not necessary to have yet another key piece in green. The pillows and ottoman are the perfect complement. They all work so well together without going overboard.

[image via Best Home Style]

Share your thoughts on green bedrooms below, or better yet, post a photo of your space!

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