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Wrapping up Hot for Hue: Green Decor is the green bathroom. This timeless beauty, by the legendary Alessandra Branca, kicks things off by showing a more refined side of green. Though it is the dominant color, appearing not only on the walls, but repeated in the roman shade and bath towel embroidery, you'd think it would steal the show. The softness of this hue allows this elegant soaker tub to be front and center.

[image via Alessandra Branca]

Had I proposed to a client a floor to ceiling penny tile, let alone continue it on the walls or suggest a green grout, my guess is I would have been met with some serious opposition. But look how glorious the outcome in this beautiful bathroom. Elegant marble vanities on an open base keep the space from feeling too busy, as does the simple white floor tile. Bravo to whomever design this bathroom!

[image via My Domaine]

Hex tiles are all the rage these days, and more and more I see tile companies bringing about new and patterns, designs, and colors to keep them feeling fresh and fostering creative ways in which to use them. They know how quickly designers can get over a trend, and how much we crave something new and inventive. This bathroom had me at the green hex tiles on the wall. The varying shades play so nicely together. But if that wasn't enough, the green was mixed with additional colors for the floor. Your tile guy may curse you under his breathe during install, but I am certain in the end you will both agree it was well worth the effort.

[image via Domino]

Another example of creativity with hex tiles. The tile themselves have a design that lends itself to various patterns depending on you match them up. The green paired with the black and the antique mirror makes this room feel like an elegant jewel box.

[image via 1st dibs]

Classic subway tile, however, has not lost any steam when it comes to bathroom and kitchen remodels. Color blocking with subway tile is a great way to add interest that will have longevity. I often like to highlight the shower wall that houses the fixtures, and this bathroom does it beautifully. My only critique would be to continue the tile to the ceiling. It adds visual height to the space. And if your feeling bold, add a coordinating patterned wall paper because, well, why not?

[image via Amber Interiors]

It is no secret that I love wallpaper in the bathroom, but specifically in the powder room. This powder room certainly embraces the notion with this bold, geometric pattern. The green is repeated on both the ceiling AND on the vanity. Love it! The success of this space comes in the pairing of these green elements with the marble vanity and walls. Had a tile (subway, hex, or other) been used, the geometric nature and many grout lines would have competed with the wallpaper.

[image via Veranda]

Here is a more subtle, but equal impactful wallpaper option. Even though the pattern is quite a large scale, there is sufficient negative space in the background to keep the pattern from feeling busy. I love the mix of the chartreuse on the wall paper with the accents of jade in the garden stool and trim on the towels.

[image source unknown]

Another huge of the moment trend in design is shiplap, courtesy of Joanna Gaines. One can never go wrong with white shiplap, BUT this deep green hue takes shiplap to an entirely new level. The choice of color against the black and white cement tile floor and wood vanity allows each element to have its own moment, while creating a beautiful and cohesive space. Simply stunning!

[image via Instagram @katemarkerinteriors]

The beauty of shiplap is the dimension and texture it adds to your walls. This same concept can be achieved using any molding or trim style, however traditional or contemporary. The key is to apply the color from floor to ceiling, including any base or crown molding. This is an especially nice option for adding interest to your bathroom if you find yourself not quite ready to commit to wall tile or even a patterned wallpaper.

[image via Elle Decor]

As I've said many times before, there are other ways to make a statement with color besides covering the walls in it. Here is a beautiful and timeless marble herringbone tile behind the vanity, paired with clean white counters. The impact that comes from the painted green vanity and matching mirrors can be created with any shade of green you like.

[image via Domino]

So if you are ready to introduce green into your home, consider starting with the bathroom. Unless your goal is a spa-like ambiance, which I usually reserve for the master, color in the bathroom is a great way to inject some personality into your home. Wether it be the powder room, kids bath, or a guest bath, the point is to have some fun with design!

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