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We all desire that perfect home. The one that not only looks beautiful, but functions beautifully. The one that speaks to our interests and lifestyle, and creates ease in our everyday life. Perhaps you already have that inviting sofa, a rug that feels heavenly underfoot and some killer lighting that makes you look radiant even at your lesser glamorous moments. Or maybe you are waiting to begin your dream remodel, but still want to bring some polish and personality to your space.

Below are my top eight decor items that will elevate any space. These items are must-haves for every home and every style, and can easily be implemented.

8. Table Linens -

[image via bloglovin']

Most importantly placemats and cloth napkins. Swap out that old paper napkin holder that you plop in the middle of the table for some great cloth napkins folded at each place setting. And while I am not against a table cloth (in the right setting they can look very chic), it is my personal preference to show off your beautiful table and protect it with a placement instead. And don't think that table linens automatically equate to formality. You can just as well apply them in a casual setting.

[for tips on creating a beautiful tablescape click here!]

7. Candles -

[photo source unknown]

The perfect addition to your tablescape, or to any room, really. Candles can create ambiance for a dinner party, set the mood for that end of day soak in the tub, or add a personal scent to your home. Bonus points for adding a cloche!

6. Trays -

[photo via @robertbrownid]

Trays are incredibly versatile pieces, and they posses this magical capability of making clutter look like a purposeful, beautiful display of items. Not only are there trays to suit every style and aesthetic, but they can be used in multiple rooms. Here, this console becomes an instant bar with the addition of a tray.

5. A Natural Fiber Throw -

[image Sara Story via Architectural Digest]

Throws add a sumptuous layer to a seating area, the foot of the bed, or the nursery glider. My preference is for a soft cashmere or fine wool. For a more casual look, opt for a cotton or any of the above materials in a chunky weave.

4. Coffee Table Books -

[image via Marie Flanigan Interiors]

Coffee table books are art in and of themselves, and are not limited to the coffee table! Layer them in everywhere - bedside tables, console tables, desks, bookcases, etageres. They are the simplest way to begin styling those massive built-ins you love so much but may feel overwhelming. Choose books of topics that interest you and preferably with hard cover. I often lay them flat and stack them underneath boxes or other objects to create varying heights.

3. Art -

[image via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle]

You do not have to be a fine art collector to own a great piece of art. There are many resources available today for art at any price point. If you aren't sure where to start, work with your designer, or an art consultant. They can work with various budgets, and guide you toward selecting a piece that is the appropriate scale, etc. for your space. The most important thing is that art is present in your home, and the pieces speak to you. Art truly elevates any and every space! [Note two throws and fresh flowers also in this bedroom!]

2. Cotton Sheets

[image source unknown]

There is truly nothing more luxurious than crisp bed linens - 100% cotton, please. You are wrapping your body in these sheets for hopefully 8 hours a night, every night, thus an important place to invest. Buy the highest thread count your budget allows, and let's make them a natural fiber so that your skin can breathe. Yes, cotton wrinkles. I promise you it is worth it!

1. Fresh Flowers. Always.

[image via House Beautiful]

I (almost) always have fresh flowers in my home. Flowers are a quick and easy addition to any space, and will undoubtedly have the most impact whether your arrangement is simple or grand. Talk to you local florist about setting up a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of an arrangement so that it is one less thing on your to do list. Or, add it to your weekly grocery shopping list so that it becomes part of your routine. (Trader Joe's always has an excellent selection.) If you have not yet mastered the art of floral arrangement, I recommend selecting one type of flower and purchasing enough to make your vase feel full.

Not sure where to start? Begin with item 1, fresh flowers, and work your way down the list. Let me know how it goes!


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