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Purchasing a new build home at the bare bones stage can be quite frightening. You can't visualize the finished space. You have the option to make all of these decision which feels incredibly overwhelming, or you can leave it to the builder who may not be in tune with your personal aesthetic and lifestyle needs. However, with the right help, you have the opportunity to create your dream home, customized down to the very last detail.

Such was the case for our Edgerton Avenue Project. Our clients, a lovely couple with two young children, had been in search of their dream home for almost two years. The criteria for your forever home is often very specific criteria, it can be challenging to find exactly what you are looking for. And you certainly don't want to settle. When a new build home in their ideal neighborhood came on the market with little more than an exterior elevation sketch to work from, they found themselves both excited and terribly nervous.

[view of the formal dining room at the first site visit]

The original floor plan called for a a small formal living room and dining room, with an average size kitchen that would open onto a family room, or great room. Because the home was still in the framing stage, we were able to eliminate the the formal living room, which the clients would never use, dedicate it as a formal dining room, and what was to be the formal dining room was used to expand the kitchen into one large entertaining space with an 8 foot island that seats six. An entertainer's dream!

[photo: Tracey Elizabeth Photography]

With such an open and expansive space, it was important to define each area while maintaining continuity and flow between them.

[view from the expanded kitchen into the family room]

A custom designed built-in along the back wall not only adds dimension to the space, but provides ample storage, display, and a place for family gatherings around the TV or fireplace. The sofa opposite, along with the oversized area rug, define the space.

[photo: Tracey Elizabeth Photography]

The goal for the master suite was to create a tranquil oasis in keeping with the gray and white palette requested by the clients. A mix of varying gray tones and simple geometric patterns provide just enough contrast and texture to create interest and dimension in the bedroom space. The large wool rug has a raised trellis pattern that adds a soft, luxe feeling underfoot.

[photo: Tracey Elizabeth Photography]

The master bath may just be my favorite space in the entire home. There is nothing better than starting and ending your day in your own personal spa-like retreat. You can never go wrong with marble, and here we applied marble in a herringbone pattern on the floor. It is timeless and classic, and can suit a contemporary or traditional aesthetic.

The soaking tub is framed beautifully by the corner windows (you know I love natural light in the bathroom), and the airy white sheer drapery enhance that oasis feeling we were after. Give me a glass of wine and some candles, and I may never been seen again!

[photo: Tracey Elizabeth Photography]

It was such a delight to have the opportunity to design this home from start to finish, tailoring each and every detail to suit the way the clients wanted to live in their space.

To see this project in it's entirely, click here!


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