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The Design Experience

Expertly Guided and Done-For-You

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Whether you are building from scratch, renovating, or looking to put your stamp on your home, The Design Experience provides you with a unique vision and a well defined process to take your project from an idea to a fully realized home. With our team of tradespeople, Chez Lissette guides you every step of the way, tending to the details and bringing your vision to fruition. Our hands-on approach minimizes stress, delivering turn-key spaces with personalized design solutions, a high level of detail, and custom features. We take design off your plate - all you have to do is move in and delight in the final result!

"Our goal is to help our clients create the lifestyle of their dreams through exceptional design."

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New Build Homes

In a new build project, Chez Lissette melds seamlessly with your architect and/or builder to round out your dream team and approach the creation of your new home from a 360 degree view.


We help you envision your home as a whole, ensuring harmony between the exterior and interior from the beginning. Our process delivers a truly custom, move-in ready home and includes:

  • Space plans throughout including kitchens and bathrooms

  • Finishes (i.e. tile, countertops) and Millwork selections

  • Plumbing, Lighting and Hardware selections

  • Paint selections

  • Furniture, Art and Accessories selections

  • Purchasing, Procurement and Installation

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With a particular fondness for historic renovation and preservation, Chez Lissette takes great pleasure in reimagining your home to bring it to its fullest potential. 


Whether you are looking to update your kitchen, your bathrooms, create a dedicated home office space, or gut the entire house, we create a comprehensive design plan with detailed solutions that provide you with the beauty and function your home is lacking. Your home is transformed into a space that suits your needs and lifestyle. Similarly to New Build Home projects, our Renovations include:

  • Floor plans, Space plans and Elevations

  • Finish and Millwork selections

  • Plumbing, Lighting and Hardware selections

  • Paint Selections

  • Furniture, Art, and Accessories Selections

  • Purchasing, Procurement, and Installation

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Full Scale

Let's infuse your story into your home. Chez Lissette creates a personalized design curated from our extensive trade resources. Furnishings and finishes are selected with you in mind, down to the last accessory.  Our spaces are turn-key, and no detail is overlooked.

Perfect for a newly purchased new build home that is in need of some personality or an existing home that needs a refresh, Full Scale Furnishings projects include:

  • Furniture Plans and Elevations Drawings

  • Design Boards

  • Paint Selections

  • Furniture, Art and Accessories Selections

  • Purchasing, Procurement, and Installation


Our Signature Process


Lifestyle Audit

This is where we get to know you, and you get to dream big! We capture your lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and desires for your home. 


Detailed Design

The vision is now a completely personalized and comprehensive design plan with every detail thoughtfully considered and accounted for.



We want a thorough understanding of the nuances of your home and we document them in their entirety.


Procurement & Implementation

Detailed Design is put into motion. All items are ordered and, if applicable, construction begins. Deliveries and installation are coordinated and overseen by our team.


Concept Design

This is the first look at our vision for your project! We present the plans and initial material selection. The goal is to confirm the project scope, investment and aesthetic direction.


The Big Reveal

Your project has been installed and the vision is now a reality. You get to savor your luxurious new space and begin to enjoy living in it!


How do I get started with Interior Design Services? The best way to begin is by submitting a project inquiry form. We will then reach out to you to schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss your project in further detail.

How soon should I reach out to begin the process? For New Build Homes and Renovation projects, it is ideal to bring us on board from the beginning. This ensures that your team is working together from the start of the project and your needs and wants for the project are being considered as a whole. The majority of our clients seeking renovation projects will typically consult us first before contacting a builder or contractor, but if you already have plans we can easily integrate with your existing team.

How involved do I need to be in the process? The level of involvement will vary per client. While we provide a done-for-you design service, this does not mean that you are left in the dark or have no input in the design. However, trusting in our expertise and process will lead to the best outcome.

What is the project timeline? Timelines for New Build Homes and Renovation projects are provided by the builder or contractor. New Build Homes can take from 1-3 years depending on the scale of the project and factors such as semi-custom or fully custom. For Full Scale Furnishings projects, the timeline will also be dependent upon the scale of the project, but plan for a minumum of 6-9 months.

How do you structure your design fees? Our design fees are presented as a flat fee for the entire project based on the scope of work. Should the scope change throughout the course of the project, additional fees may be applicable.

Do you offer free consultations? The Consultation is a face-to-face meeting with you in your home. We review your space and lifestyle needs, and help to clarify your space's potential. We will take some basic overall measurements and an inventory of any existing items you would like to incorporate into your project. We also take the time introduce you to our business model and review in detail our signature process. For these reasons, we believe The Consultation offers tremendous value. We charge a non-refundable fee of $500 for up to 2 hours.

What level of investment should I expect to be making? Following the Consultation, we provide you with an estimated investment for the project based on the scope of work discussed. We are currently accepting projects with a minimum investment of $50,000, not including design fees.

Is there a minimum project size requirement? We accept projects of all sizes that are the right fit for our firm. We do require that these be full rooms done to completion. We are not currently accepting projects that require styling only or are in need of a few pieces.

Do I have to purchase all of my furnishings through you? Our business model requires that all purchases go through our firm. We act as the purchasing agent, placing orders, tracking deliveries, and handling any issues that may arise. Our goal is to make the design experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Let us handle the nitty gritty for you!

Can I use any of my existing furniture? We are happy to incporporate those pieces that are particularly special to you when designing your home. We will however provide honest feedback as to whether the piece is suitable to achieve the goals for the space or if it may be better suited elswhere.

Do you procure contractors and trades? We are not general contractors and therefore do not hire subcontractors for your project. We will work closely with your preferred builder or contractor, or we can make recommendations. We do however leave the hiring of the team to you.

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Are you ready for your dream home?

Each client relationship begins with our project discovery. Think of this as the amuse-bouche to

our signature design process, wherein you will get a taste of our design ideas, how we will work together, and what to expect from the main meal, The Design Experience.

Step 1. Project Inquiry Form

We want to get an overview of the type of project you are interested in, your design needs, and desired timeline. Please complete our Project Inquiry Form here.

Step 2. Schedule a Discovery Call

We will schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss your project in greater detail. We will also review how we work and the process behind The Design Experience.

Step 3. The Consultation

We come to your home to meet face-to-face and experience your space in person. We gather all of the information needed to provide you with a written proposal to move your project forward.

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