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Interior design trends can be exciting. They often provide us with fresh perspectives and new ways to create beautiful interiors that perhaps we hadn't previously considered. But before jumping on the bandwagon, here are four of the most common pitfalls to avoid when implementing any design trend in your home.

#1 - Ignoring the style and era of your home.

Your home does not need to be a time capsule of the time period in which it was build, however the style and era of your home should, to some degree, inform the design direction. Different styles and eras can be mixed successfully, but don't attempt to turn your home into something it isn't. Your Mid-century Modern home is not intended to be a Traditional Colonial, nor is your Tudor home intended to be a Modern Farmhouse.

How then do you make your home feel current?

[design: Chez Lissette, photo: Tracey Elizabeth Photography]

If there is a current design trend that is peaking your interest, identify what specific elements of the trend are drawing your attention. Perhaps it is a color palette, the use of certain materials, or an unexpected application of materials. Once you identify these elements, you can then incorporate them into your space in a manner that compliments rather than fights with the style and architecture of your home.

#2 - Replicating a design trend in its entirety.

Trends will come and go. And each trend will become associated with the time period in which it reached its peak popularity - think the McMansions of the 90s. If you replicate every element of a design trend, your home will fall into the category of outdated as soon as the next design trend comes along.

How do you avoid falling into this trap?

[design: Chez Lissette, photo: Tracey Elizabeth Photography]

As mentioned in tip #1, it is important to identify the elements of a trend that speak to you. You then pair these elements with timeless selections and finishes. For example, if you are loving the matte black trend for kitchens and bathrooms, consider limiting the matte black to hardware, mirrors or light fixtures, and then paring it with either chrome or polished nickel on the plumbing fixtures.

#3 - Failing to consider the constraints of your space and the needs of your family.

Have you thought beyond the aesthetics of the trend before deciding to implement it in your space? A highly popular kitchen trend is the use of a single open shelf that runs the length of your counter in place of any upper cabinetry. I adore this look! However, this may not work for every kitchen.

First, determine if you kitchen has the wall space to accommodate this feature properly without, let's say, perhaps an inconveniently placed refrigerator getting in the way. Second, determine if you be able to accommodate all of your storage needs without upper cabinetry. Ample lower cabinetry may provide you with all you need, while butlers pantry's, back kitchens, or sculleries can provide you with the means to house any overflow from the kitchen. However, if gadgets and utensils will be piled up on the shelf or on the counter for lack of sufficient storage, it may be best to forgo this option.

[design: Chez Lissette, photo: Tracey Elizabeth Photography]

In the photo above, we created a dry bar/prep area in a sun room adjacent to the kitchen. This accommodated the homeowners barware and outdoor entertaining essentials. This opened up a generous amount of space in their kitchen.

#4 - Neglecting to inject your personality into your space or home.

Your home should be designed for you a no one else. It should be a reflection of your tastes and interests, and should support your lifestyle or the lifestyle you desire. Remember that the inspiration photo you see on the internet or in a magazine, while beautiful, was designed for someone else and the way that they live.

[design: Chez Lissette, photo: Kyle J Caldwell]

The bathroom above was design specifically for clients that loves geometric shapes, in a color palette that resonates with them. Each selection, down to the art and accessories, was chosen according to their needs and interests.

"When guests step into your home, they should immediately get a sense of who you are."Lissette DelVecchio

Your home is meant to be a extension of you and a physical manifestation of your story. Make design decisions with that in mind as opposed to something that is of-the-moment. The result will be a home that stands apart from the rest and that you love for far longer than it takes for next design trend to be ushered in.

Does your home need a fresh update that feels like you? Inquire here for Chez Lissette's help taking your home to the next level!

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