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What's in a name?

"I kept coming back to the idea of something French, to go with my first name. I knew I didn't want to be Lissette DelVecchio Interiors. Then one day, I was driving in the car with my husband. I can't recall where we were going. My father-in-law called us from our home. It was our first home, a small cape, and he was helping with some minor home improvement projects. 'I'm over at chez DelVecchio,' he said. I looked at my husband. 'That's it - chez. Chez Lissette. That's the name.'"

Pronounced shey in French, meaning "at the house of," Chez Lissette was first intended to be a design blog. It was late 2015. I was working in Manhattan as a senior designer for a luxury residential interior design firm. It was what I had always wanted. But a blog, I felt, would provide me with something that was all mine, without being a conflict of interest.

Two years after naming my blog-to-be, I had given birth to my first child, Lucas, was laid off from my job, and took on a project designing a new build home for long-time friends from top to bottom. This was going to be more than a blog. Chez Lissette, the boutique interior design firm, launched November 15, 2017.

Meet Lissette DelVecchio

I'm Lissette. I've been practicing interior design for nearly twenty years, following my undergrad studies at Cornell University. Design is my passion and my calling. Influenced by architecture, fashion, travel, and my hispanic roots, I seek to find inspiration in unexpected places, always pushing myself creatively. My firm, in addition to allowing me the ability to flex my creative muscles, provides we with the privilege of forging relationships with my clients and their families while I help them create beautiful homes and lifestyles for themselves. I truly believe in the transformative power of design, and it is honor to play a part in that journey for my clients.

Beyond being a designer, I am also a wife and mother, a role which I value above all else. I invite you to follow me as I share an inside look at the world of design through my point of view, with a little bit of life thrown into the mix. Along the way, there are sure to be some fun anecdotes as I continue to navigate my role as MOM and I hope, ultimately, to inspire you to surround yourself with beauty and to create a well-lived and joyful life.

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