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This is the journey of a girl who was chasing her career in design. Along the way she met her prince, got married, and bought a house. Working in the big city, she felt like she was accomplishing her goals, and doing what she loved to do most - design. That is until she was unexpectedly expecting!

I'm Lissette. My son, Lucas, was born in October 2016. He is a beautiful, smart, spunky, crazy little ball of energy. I love him. The first few months of parenthood did not come easy, as they don't for many other parents. Lucas was colicky, and would not nap unless I held him. Nursing had also proven to be quite a challenge, but I stuck with it, and eventually we found our groove.

[bringing Lucas home from the hospital]

When it came time to return to work, I naturally felt guilty leaving Lucas every day while he was still so small. But I decided that if this is what I had to do, I was going to make my time away from him well spent. I returned ready to hit the ground running, get back into the projects I had left, and with full intention to enjoy what I have always enjoyed about working. My welcome back however was far from, well, welcoming. Six weeks later, I was let go. Feeling defeated and, yes, a bit angry, I focused my attention back to my son, while I figured out what my next steps would be.

[Lucas and I at the boardwalk on my very first Mother's Day]

I am ultimately so very grateful that the stay-at-home mom role had been forced upon me, and that I was able to care for my baby for his first year of life. However, this I knew could not last forever, and it became evident that it was time to rethink my path.

[Lucas, now one, playing in our yard]

Thus, CHEZ LISSETTE is opening its doors. Chez (pronounced shey) in French, meaning "House of." It may not seem the sanest decision to start a business while being a full time mom to a one year old, but one that will allow me to do both the things I love to do, in a way that works for me. It will require many sleepless nights, much sacrifice, and a lot of insanity I'm sure. But here I go, jumping in with both feet.

[how I imagine this is going to feel]

I invite you to follow me as I share an inside look at the world of design through my point of view, with a little bit of life thrown into the mix. Along the way, there are sure to be some fun anecdotes as I continue to navigate my role as MOM.


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